Why You Should Get High Quality Beer Bottle Tops

Good packaging is a necessity for every manufacturer. The way you package your products goes a long way in determining whether they will sell or not. Furthermore, incorrect packaging has got dire consequences such as contamination of the final product or a reduction in the product’s shelf life. If you are a beer manufacturer, you should only settle for the bestbeer bottle tops for sale in the market. Bottle tops are very important when it comes to product preservation and packaging. Apart from the preservation of the product, the bottle top carries information that may be useful to the target consumer. As a result, it is crucial for any manufacturer to steer clear of cheap beer bottle tops for sale since the quality may not be the best. One way to ensure a constant supply of high-quality bottle tops is through collaborating with a company that offers the best beer bottle tops for sale at a reasonable price. Bottle tops can come in a variety of forms, some of which will be discussed in the following sections.


Corks were first used in the 15th century, which was approximately the same time glass became common. Since then, corks have become the ‘default’ method of covering wine held in glass bottles. There are several advantages of using corks instead of screw caps and crown seals. They include:

  • Renewable natural resource
  • Preferred by most wine lovers
  • Proven long term aging

However, even though they represent expensive wine, corks also come with several disadvantages, some of which have a direct effect on the wine quality and affordability. A number of the cons associated with corks include:

  • Some may cause TCA tainting of the bottled wine
  • Expensive
  • Limited supply
  • Varied quality
  • Varying oxygen ingress rates

As a result of the many disadvantages, manufacturers are now considering using cork alternatives and other synthetic bottle tops. For expensive wines, however, corks are still the preferred choice.

Screw Caps and Crown Seals

Screw caps and crown seals are normally used to cover glass bottles holding beverages. In the alcohol industry, screw caps have been the center of debate for quite some time since some people prefer them to the traditional corks for covering wine bottles. Corks are usually retrieved from the barks of certain types of trees, making it difficult to satisfy the growing global demand for wine. Furthermore, the inadequate supply has made the price of corks to increase significantly, not to mention the presence of counterfeit corks in the wine market today. Screw caps and crown seals, on the other hand, are manufactured using synthetic materials, and although they can be recycled, they are not biodegradable. However, they provide a perfect alternative for corks since you can now find screw caps with established rates of oxygen ingress, giving you more reliability. Interpack

So if you are a beer manufacturer, do not take chances with your product. Ensure that you get high-quality beer bottle tops from a trusted company to keep your beer in its perfect condition for the longest time possible. All the best as you search for the ideal beer bottle top supplier! https://www.interpack.net.au/